Full title: Characterization of exposures induced by emerging wireless power transfer systems

Duration: Dec. 2013 – Jul. 2017

Funded by: French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES)

Role: Coordinator

Short description:

The main purpose of the project is to characterize numerically and experimentally exposures induced by emerging wireless power transfer (WPT) systems, considered as the last missing element for the ubiquitous mobility. WPT systems will operate relatively high powers (from Watts to MWatts depending on the application and operating range).  The main objectives of the ExpoWPT project are twofold:

1) Dosimetric assessment of the exposure levels induced in the human body by representative WPT exposure scenarios, including those involving the individuals with implants.

2) Design and characterization of a new exposure system reproducing the EM field induced by representative WPT systems. This exposure system will be used to assess potential biological impacts at the cellular level.

Fabricated WPT system operating around 10 MHz

E- and H-field distributions around the WPT system









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