Post-Doctoral Researchers

Roy Simorangkir  

Project title: Near-field exposure assessment in emerging 5G scenarios

Rupam Das

Project title: Integrated antennas for efficient data transfer and powering of implanted in body devices


Mohsen Koohestani 

Project title: Wireless power transfer and dosimetry

Denys Nikolayev

Project title: Miniature antennas for biotelemetry

Domenica Iero

Project title: Electromagnetic dosimetry in HF band

AbdouAbdou Fall

Project title: Millimeter-wave reverberating chamber for exposure of animals

AndaAnda Guraliuc

Project title: Body-area networks at millimeter waves

Artem Boriskin

Project title: Advanced antennas for millimeter-wave exposure systems


Robin Augustin

Project title: Characterization of biological tissues and solution in the millimeter-wave band


Louis-Ray Harris

Project title: EM dosimetry in semi-anechoic environments