ResCor / Labex / Britany (2012-2014)

Full title: High data rate body-area networks

Duration: Nov. 2012 – Oct. 2014

Funded by: Laboratory of Excellence Labex CominLabs / Britany Region

Website: link

Role: Coordinator

Short description:

Recently, the millimeter-wave band, mainly 57-66 GHz range, has been identified as highly promising for future body-area network (BAN) technologies. One of the main features differentiating the 60-GHz band from lower frequency BAN is confidentiality and low interference level with neighboring networks, which has been demonstrated to be crucial for body-centric and inter-BAN communications. In addition, it provides other advantages including high data rates [typically beyond 5 Gb/s], reduced size of antennas and sensors, high accuracy for localization, that can be exploited for new applications. The ResCor project focused on exploration of antenna solutions in the 60-GHz BAN in the near-field region since this corresponds to the most relevant user scenario for most of the BAN and inter-BAN applications. It also dealt with development of novel solid body models in the 60-GHz band and investigation of the on-nody propagation channel.

End-fire antenna in the 60-GHz band

Surface solid phantom

Surface current for vertically (left) and horizontally polarized E field.

Enhancement of on-body propagation using electrotextiles








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