PhD Students

Ongoing PhD

Rosa Orlacchio (defence expected in 2019)

PhD title: Millimeter waves for biomedical electromagnetics

Zain Haider

PhD title: Multi-physics microdosimetry applied to biomedical electromagnetics

Defended PhD


Denys Nikolayev (defended in 2017)

PhD title: Antennas for biomedical applications

JeanneJeanne Frere (defended in 2017)

PhD title: Numerical and experimental EM exposure assessment in HF, VHF, and UHF bands


Carole Leduc (defended in 2015)

PhD title: Body-area networks at millimeter waves: antennas / human body interactions


Alexis Haas (defended in 2015)

PhD title: Impact of millimeter waves on the neurons differentiation

AbdouAbdou Fall (defended in 2015)

PhD title: Study and concept of a reverberating chamber at millimeter waves: application to the dosimetry

Yonis Soubere (defended in 2013)

PhD title: Evaluation of biological effects at RF: pulsed fields of MRI and millimeter waves

Alt textNacer Chahat (defended in 2012)

PhD title: Antennas, propagation, and interaction with the human body for body-centric wireless applications at microwaves and millimeter waves

Christophe NN

Christophe Nicolas Nicolaz (defended in 2009)

PhD title: Study of cellular stress potentially induced by millimeter waves